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CoDev to Provide Inflation Allowance to All Team Members

The threat of inflation has become more and more of a reality for most of the world, including here in the Philippines. Prices of everyday necessities like food and transportation have gone up along with rising prices in fuel, which have skyrocketed in recent months.

The management at CoDev are well aware of these occurrences and how they are affecting the lives of its team members on a daily basis. In order to assist them, CoDev will be giving each and every one of its more than 500 team members throughout the Philippines a special inflation allowance on their next payday. CoDev’s executives hope that this will help to lighten the burgeoning financial burdens that many of its team members are currently facing, and assure them of CoDev’s constant support especially during difficult times.

CoDev’s Growing Mission

CoDev has made it part of its mission to ensure the overall well-being of its team members, and that includes ensuring that their financial needs are always met and supported. Apart from providing this special private company bonus and aggressively competitive pay, CoDev also provides hiring bonuses for selected positions, as well as performance-based annual salary increases. 

Every team member at CoDev contributes to building up and making the company great, and CoDev makes sure to give back by caring and providing for every one of its team members. Discover more of the many benefits that CoDev has to offer its team members. Come and be a part of our team! Take the first step by checking our available positions now at

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