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CoDev’s India Expansion: What You Need to Know

With great growth, comes great… demand. CoDev’s recent rapid growth has been amazing, but it has also created a great demand for exceptional tech talent. Sourcing talents from the Philippines has been our focus since day one, but with the demand rising and the need to provide talent at a much quicker pace, it has become necessary to expand our operations to other countries. Thus, we set our sights on India.

Historically, it is well known that there is an abundance of software developers in India, as well as many other technical talents. Our expansion to India will surely help us cater to the needs of our customers, but how will it affect our current teams in the Philippines? Here is what you need to know:

What Is the Expansion All About?

As CoDev’s CEO Landon Essig mentioned in his company-wide email about it, the expansion is just that– an expansion. It is growing CoDev’s talent pool in order to better meet the needs of its customers. CoDev’s Director of Strategy and Expansion Taylor Murphy will be overseeing the expansion from the US side, with Rakesh Shetty leading it in India. Niveditha Shetty is working as a recruiter to source and screen candidates from India, which means that currently we have just two internal team members there and we are trying to hire software developers in India as soon as possible.

When asked about how the expansion will affect team members in the Philippines, Taylor pointed out that it would not, in fact, affect them at all. What the expansion simply is is growth for the entire team and a sign of progress for CoDev. 

Expansion Means Growth for All

The expansion is a positive sign for both company and customer growth. It means that we are able to better serve the needs of our customers, and this can open up more opportunities that our teams in the Philippines can benefit from. This could mean more career opportunities, more support for our PH teams, and the chance to work with a truly global team. 

With the expansion opening up more business opportunities, CoDev also becomes more financially secure and able to provide the same and even better benefits to each of its team members. 

Making Great Teams Even Better

As Landon has already mentioned, while we are extending our operations to other countries, expansion in the Philippines will continue to be our major focus and priority. CoDev has always valued its teams here in the Philippines, and will continue to do so with all of its teams moving forward. With the India expansion, our teams will be more diverse, better equipped, and consequently better able to serve the needs of our customers. We hope everyone will support and carry this vision with us through to fruition, as our teams always have with all of our goals. 

If you have more questions about the expansion, don’t be afraid to ask your team supervisor. Or if you’re curious about our operations, various office locations, and available positions, get in touch with one of our representatives today.

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