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Are You Satisfied with Your Career in IT?

Are You Satisfied with Your Career in IT?

How often has this happened: you switched to another company because of way bigger pay, only to realize a couple of months later that the pay really isn’t making you happy with your work. As workers in the Philippines move to new companies, this has become all too common. While bigger pay may be important, it isn’t the most important thing or the only important thing when considering switching companies. 

It doesn’t always mean job satisfaction. 

If it’s a fulfilling career you’re after, one that doesn’t only pay the bills but gets you excited to work and be the best at what you do, you need a job that ticks all the boxes for job satisfaction. At CoDev, we aim to do that AND pay competitively.

How CoDev Achieves Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction can be elusive particularly for those who work in IT– but not when you work at CoDev. We’ve made sure to cover all the bases:

  • Optimal working conditions: check.

Work from home or from one of our 5 different office locations throughout the Philippines– whatever suits you best. Our offices are fully equipped, and fun to boot! But if you prefer working in your own private space, that’s cool. If you need hardware for that, we got you covered.

  • Opportunities for advancement: check.

It sucks to feel stuck in the same place for a long time. That’s why we give our people ample training and advancement opportunities. Our people can get promoted in as little as 1 year! Promotions are based on performance, regardless of tenure. We help our people grow just as they help us grow, so it’s a win-win!

  • Challenging yet rewarding work: check.

Your talents are sure to be put to good use, as our US-based customers allow you to work on exciting, cutting edge projects, and get access to the latest technologies. And don’t think your hard work will go unnoticed– we recognize and reward our standout employees every month.

  • Awesome co-workers: check.

No office drama here! We foster a culture of support and camaraderie. You’ll be surrounded by supportive teammates who share the same vision and goals as you do. We know how important a healthy work environment is to our employees. That’s also why our management team has an open-door policy, so you can easily approach them for any issues or concerns you may have.

  • Competitive pay and benefits: check.

Of course, we still give our employees the pay and benefits they deserve, and more! Annual performance-based salary increases, bonuses, health insurance– and those are only the beginning.

Job Satisfaction: Check!

We’ve got everything you need to achieve job satisfaction. The question now is, are you ready to finally land the job you love? If the answer is yes, take a look at our open positions now at You can also learn more and hear straight from our employees at

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