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employee testimonials

In times of uncertainty where your bread and butter is at stake, with CoDev I never felt alone as I course through my life everyday. The support and value they're giving to secure our tomorrows is beyond compare. Together with my client, I am blessed to be part of CoDev's diverse and growing community and I'm always grateful for the growth and opportunities given to one another. #CodevCares
John Philip
.Net Developer
Working at CoDev has been a breath of fresh air type of experience - a great deviation from the usual work experience that I was heavily accustomed to. There is an all around positivity and a cohesive organizational culture. People trust you to get the show on board and get things done so I get a great degree of control and freedom within my job — but at the same time, you are empowered to not be too hard on yourself, to take care of your health and have the time to nurture other areas that life has to offer as well. It is also certainly not the least how people care about your professional growth.
Jan Bric
Software Development - Team Lead
I love working for CoDev because they really give value to their employee's career growth and well-being.
PHP/Javascript Developer
Aside from working in a light, relax, and cool environment, Codev cares for the well-being of their employees, and provides a competitive salary and benefits.
Full Stack Web Developer
Chill place to work that caters to your wants and needs. They match you to a client where you can be deeply valued and appreciated. You can work comfortably or work on a challenge to improve yourself. Either way, whatever your concerns you can always ask the Admin.
Web Developer
The number one reason why I love working for CoDev is because of its culture. I love the people who I surrounds with and especially to the client that I am working with. Admins were good too (HR, Finance, IT and etc.). I think I'll stay with CoDev no matter what and thank you for being with me for almost 10 years 🙂 Looking forward for more years! cheeers!! 🙂
Lead Developer
I'm comfortable working with my client and teammates. They are approachable, and it's easy to communicate with them. I also like attending learning sessions. It's good to have additional knowledge from unfamiliar topics.
Ma. Jay Anne
Full Stack Developer
Compared to any of the awesome Backend and Full stack developers, I wasn't really sure where or how would I fit in at first. Being with Codev though is not just "working" for me, it is a family outside my own! Codev sees my potential and values and kept me even during the time where I was hopping from one client to another. Nonetheless, working with Codev is a pleasure and educational for me ever since.
Sr. Front End Developer
It's the people that makes CoDev a great place to work. Everyday, I look forward to interacting with my teammates, catching up with my Manager, and being a part of a fun big family.
React.js Developer
Stress Free Environment, Flexible working hours, Competitive Salary Benefits, Output based result, No Micromanagement, Work/life balance.
IT Specialist
CoDev stands a special place in my heart professionally and personally. I have been with CoDev since July 2017 and I have seen the growth. Trust in its stakeholders across the horizon of work is built through the company’s open approach. Everything is a team effort and every day presents new challenges to overcome. I will always be thankful to the people who believed in me and gave me this opportunity to grow, not only within the company but also as a person. The experiences I have gained along the way are irreplaceable and valuable to my career growth. I have learned so much – I faced challenges and I also experienced very beautiful moments that will stay forever in my memory and many more to come in life. Here’s to continuing my career at this exceptional company!
CoDev is not a typical company where you are micromanaged or always being monitored by your superior. Instead, they allow you to explore things freely and support you all the time if you have any suggestions for the betterment of the team.

They are practicing an open-door policy so you won’t hesitate to approach them valuing "continuous improvement". You are free to speak your voice and bring your thoughts in the table for discussion without fear, the very reasons why they are now booming and considered as one of the biggest IT Outsourcing competitors here in the Philippines. As to further say, CoDev is more than so generous. They encourage you to get affirmed as a feature of your professional satisfaction. Moreover, they have heaps of perquisites like giving of latest devices in the event that you successfully referred candidates. More than anything else, I am allured by Codev’s core values (Integrity, Hard work, and Proactivity) ensuring you are in good hands and I believe these are the reasons why I love staying and will never be tired working for CoDev.
IT Specialist/System Administrator
I feel appreciated, treated as an important member of the team. They allow me to take initiative, listen to feedback and welcome ideas. It is a pleasure to work for a company that takes care of their employees.
SEO/Social Media Specialist
I always pray to find a Company where I can grow, that I can be challenged but at the same time I can enjoy.

CoDev is a company where your hard work is genuinely appreciated and reciprocated. They invest in their people. That is their strength -its People.

Once CoDev believes in you, they will invest in you, they will support you all the way. That support will manifest in you through success. Success not only in your career or in your daily tasks but in your character... and that is the reason why I love working for CoDev.
Talent Supervisor