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Job Description

CoDev | Python Engineer 

As a Python Software Engineer you will work at the intersection of software development, production operations, and DevOps, as you monitor, manage, and improve production-critical infrastructure and data pipelines. You will handle sophisticated proprietary software, as well as mainstream open-source technology as you gain experience maintaining and scaling critical fault-tolerant, distributed data pipelines, storage, compute infrastructure, with a goal to improve systems and reduce technical debt. Our team works on exciting real-world problems and collaborates with smart(and fun!) colleagues in an empowering, performance-minded environment.

Your employment will begin with a focus on one to two fairly short development projects before we commit to training you to help with production support. In the production support role, you will be exposed to highly confidential data and be responsible for critical production trading pipelines, so this gives us both an opportunity to ensure a good fit before we make this commitment to initial training, of 2-4 months. Once trained, you will assist with production support approximately one week out of every month, with the remainder of the work focus being on software engineering projects.

The position presents long-term contractual opportunities with several trajectories depending on your interests and strengths. This role is a way to make a real difference: your contributions will make our critical systems more reliable, lower operational risk, and increase the efficiency of our engineering effort.


  • Maintain and support open-source and proprietary services and tools

  • Write/review code and debug challenging problems

  • Improve reliability and maintainability of software applications and pipelines

  • Improve availability and stability of shared production infrastructure

  • Participate in on-call rotation(approximately one week per month) and be the first responder ensuring the continuous operation of production-critical systems. This will include the monitoring of production systems, triage and failure resolution, including our proprietary data pipeline, as well as infrastructure and deployment processes.



  • Fluency in the software development process in a professional environment is a must

  • Experience with hands-on coding and debugging (Python required)

  • Experience with Linux

  • Familiarity with Relational Databases & SQL

  • Sharp analytical and problem-solving skills and a persistent drive for making things work (better)

  • Strong growth mindset and a passion for learning

  • An undergraduate degree or comparable training in a quantitative field, or equivalent, relevant industry experience

  • Ability to work flexible hours during training and assist with on call rotation as needed


  • Experience supporting production systems

  • Experience with Pandas and other tabular data tools

  • System administration experience, as well as familiarity with RDBMS, storage technologies, or cluster computing

  • A degree in Computer Science

Why Us? 

  • Opportunity for impact – we are leaders in our field, yet small enough for each engineer to have a significant impact

  • Work on interesting and challenging problems

  • Collaborate with members of different teams along with researchers and traders

  • Not a consumer-facing product (we get to work on pure back-end problems)

What We Do?

  • Working closely with researchers and traders to develop machine learning-based trading strategies

  • Developing fully automated live trading platforms

  • Designing infrastructure to enable rapid experimentation through massive parallel workflows

  • Managing complex data for machine learning pipelines

We code mostly in Python and Go and work with a variety of modern open-source tools

Our Culture

  • Culturally, we are more similar to an academic lab mixed with a tech startup than a typical finance firm; the majority of our employees come from academia or tech

  • We have a collaborative, open culture – we all eat lunch together (that sounds silly, but it's a nice symbol for what we're like); you could also say we're flat and egalitarian

  • We encourage people to work on hard problems and support them through the inevitable near-term failures that come from hard challenge toward longer term success

  • We expect people to have a life outside of work and support a healthy work-life balance

  • We are an Agile shop and use Scrum with two week sprints

  • Our culture is data-driven and empirical

Our Business

  • We were one of the first movers to use machine learning for investing, and we've been in operation since 2007

  • Now we find ourselves in a time where the investment community is increasingly looking to ML as the future of our industry

  • There are other hedge funds using machine learning, but generally they use it on the margins, whereas we're “all in” on ML

  • Our strategies are automated. We automate a lot of what other quant researchers spend their time on. We don't have portfolio managers deciding which signals to trade on–we trust the technology we've built and work on making it as robust as possible. We bring that sort of systematic orientation to most problems.

  • Our strategies are designed to be market neutral (we neutralize all known systemic risk factors), so we can be profitable in any market environment


A great talent deserves even greater compensation. CoDev provides several benefits that you can enjoy as soon as you join our growing team. We take pride in delighting you with what you deserve. 

  • Anticipate a regularization increase in your 6th month. 

  • One Time Signing bonus amounting to PHP 20,000 given on your first payout 

  • Client Retention Incentives amount to PHP 30,000 for every milestone earned. 

  • Utility Stipend of 1,500 per month 

  • Annual salary increases based on your performance. 

  • Tax-Free allowances incorporated in your pay.

  • Employee health is our top priority, so everyone gets a Medical and Life Insurance package on your 3rd month with us plus 2 dependents. 

  • We offer salary loans with 0% interest, payable in 2 months. 

  • Provide an opportunity for self-improvements like access to online training sites such as Udemy, Pluralsight, and other resources. Plus, training reimbursement to the online course or program you choose! 

  • Leave credits you can enjoy for vacation and travels with family because we believe that work-life balance matters! 

  • Company events and parties such as our huge Anniversary and Christmas Parties, and of course seasonal events such as Valentines, Halloween and so many more. 

  • Team outings and lunches every now and then to promote camaraderie in the team.

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  • Work from home until further notice