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.NET/ Microservices Developer

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Job Description

Seeking a Senior .NET Engineer to convert existing monolithic ASP.NET MVC application to a ReactJS frontend and a .NET 6 microservice architecture running in Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform. You must be able to demonstrate an extensive level of technical knowledge and skills in areas of application development. 

Required Knowledge and Skills: 

  • Working with/leading onshore and offshore teams to ensure efficient use of time and proper code quality/standards 

  • Manage the solution design to ensure a descriptive story creation for each new or modified application and/or infrastructure component. 

  • Design security solutions and components with infrastructure performance in mind. 

  • Be able to create a detailed description of application sizing requirements and be able to deliver within the timeline specified. 

  • Ensure that the change process, policies and SDLC procedures are followed. 

  • Develop and test operating system scripts and support the running of components. 

  • Design component and assembly level testing for all new or modified applications and infrastructure. Coordinate with the application and operations deployment teams to create, utilize and manage deployment scripts each time a build or database change is deployed. 


  • Google Cloud Platform Event-Driven Architecture (AMQ e.g. Pub/Sub, RabbitMQ) 

  • Microservice Architecture 

  • C#, ASP.NET, .NET Framework 4.5 and later .NET Core/5/6 development and architecture experience SOLID methodology 

  • Domain-driven design patterns 

  • Proficiency in SQL development (Stored Procedure and Queries) or other comparable databases such as MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL 

  • Knowledge of object programming and software design patterns such as MVVM, MVC, MVP, Singleton and Factory ReactJS, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, XML, JSON, JQuery and JavaScript, WCF, LINQ/LINQ to SQL, ORM (Entity Framework, Dapper) 

  • Unit Testing (NUnit, XUnit, Jest, Testing-Library) practice for front-end and/or back-end development a plus 

  • Best Practices and Patterns for development, code reviews 

  • Knowledge of Git-Flow repository pattern 

  • Agile/Scrum methodology is a plus 

  • Knowledge of OCR processing, Machine Learning, NFT are pluses 

  • Building Application Integrations using REST and SOAP web services is a plus 

  • Cloud infrastructure and container-based deployment (Docker, Kubernetes) 

  • Modern web application development (e.g. ReactJS, CSS3, Bootstrap, Material, Responsive UI) NoSQL databases (e.g. DocumentDB, Cloud Data store, MongoDB, Casandra, etc.) ElasticSearch Cloud-based platforms and services (e.g. Google Cloud Platform, MS Azure, AWS, OpenAPI, Swagger) 

  • Continuous integration/continuous deployment (e.g. Git, Jenkins, TFS, Puppet, Chef, Maven, Gradle, Ant) 

  • Unit testing using XUnit, NUnit or MoQ framework and related tools 

  • Data Integration Tools (SSIS, API Management, Enterprise Service Bus, and Rules Engine) 

  • Source control using one of Git, Subversion, TFS/VSTS (Azure DevOps)


A great talent deserves even greater compensation. CoDev provides several benefits that you can enjoy as soon as you join our growing team. We take pride in delighting you with what you deserve. 

  • Work at the comfort of your home with the role being at a remote set up! 

  • Anticipate a regularization increase in your 6th month. 

  • One Time Signing bonus amounting to PHP 20,000 given on your first payout 

  • Client Retention Incentives amounting to PHP 30,000 for every milestone earned. 

  • Utility Stipend of 1,500 per month 

  • Annual salary increases based on your performance. 

  • Tax-Free allowances incorporated in your pay.

  • Employee health is our top priority, so everyone gets a Medical and Life Insurance package on your 3rd month with us plus 2 dependents. 

  • We offer salary loans with 0% interest, payable in 2 months. 

  • Provide an opportunity for self-improvements like access to online training sites such as Udemy, Pluralsight, and other resources. Plus, training reimbursement to the online course or program you choose! 

  • Leave credits you can enjoy for vacation and travels with family because we believe that work-life balance matters! 

  • Company events and parties such as our huge Anniversary and Christmas Parties, and of course seasonal events such as Valentines, Halloween and so many more. 

  • Team outings and lunches every now and then to promote camaraderie in the team

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  • Work from home until further notice