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Successful candidates will enjoy perks like a WFH stipend, competitive salary package, free HMO, and  a one-time signing bonus of Php20,000! View our other benefits within each job posting below.

Primary Framework: NodeJSS, ExpressJS, Restify, WebSockets, GraphQL, REST API Role: We are looking for a senior developer with experience in architecting and has participated in planning, definition, and high-level design of the solution and exploration of solution alternatives. A technical expert with high level proficiency with full stack technologies such as NodeJS, ExpressJS and ReactJS. Someone who can take charge and lead a team of developers and help define technical strategy, and efficient integration within existing landscape. Project: Come be part of a team that is co-creating the future of sports & entertainment. We leverage our data to create the best fan experience, through physical and digital experiences. We are passionate about creating software that is fan-centered, through the rise in the availability of data we are able to make faster, better decisions that result in better products and the creation of new and disruptive business models. Our work goes beyond games, seasons, trophies, and tours. Our success is measured by more than a scoreboard. Our team is stronger when we stand united. We create, we celebrate, we build, and we become better!
Primary Framework: ReactJS, Redux, TypeScript, NodeJS Role: Your primary focus will be to develop user interface components implementing and executing them using well-known workflows Ultimately, you’ll build highly responsive web applications that align with our business needs. Project: We are redefining e-Commerce, boosting our clients’ revenue by leaps and bounds, by helping companies reach their potential on the Amazon marketplace.
Primary Framework: Angular v6-12, JavaScript/TypeScript, ES6, REST API Role: The front end developer will work on applications with Angular, ranging from version 6 up to the latest (12). Our ideal candidate is consistent and mindful when it comes to implementing code design patterns/standards across the domain (Systematic). Adaptive when it comes to dealing with the requirements and issues at hand and has the capacity to discern feasible solutions Project: Our client develops systems that enable television service providers and broadcasters to deploy enhanced programs and services to their viewers. One of their product is called Guidebuilder, a broadcast metadata system (for broadcasters and service providers that distributes multiple television channels) where its front-end aspect is undergoing a transition from a java-based app to a full-blown web app. In doing so, the original core functionalities have to be ported all the while modernizing the UI without making it look alienating to existing clients.
Primary Framework: ReactJS, HTML5, JavaScript, VueJS, Java Role: This role is to assist in the envisioning, and perfor the creation of both real and mockup applications in support of the Innovation Department’s demonstrator projects, including both appealing frontends and the application beneath. These projects aim to convey both potential and actual product prototype functionality to individual clients or the market, in order to test technical prototypes, determine viability of concepts, and ultimately, validate business models in new or adjacent verticals. Project: An intuitive platform and developer-friendly approach to distributed computing. A friction free route to a cloud-native infrastructure, it provides a toolkit to build highly scalable cloud applications – letting you write once and deploy anywhere.
Primary Framework: NodeJS, Serverless – AWS, ReactJS Project: We translate your SaaS apps with Humans, and automate the whole process with Robots, so that you can concentrate on bringing your business to the world.
Primary Framework: JavaScript, TypeScript, VueJS, jQuery Role: The Senior Front End Developer will help migrate the existing AngularJS / jQuery front-end into VueJS Project: Standalone platform for all resource management and strategic decision making activities. ‘Tempus Resource’ is a solution that takes specific aim at solving the resource management challenges faces by organizations of all types, shapes and sizes. We replace spreadsheets and can connect if needed to the leading PPM tools.
Primary Framework: NodeJS, JavaScript, AWS, Lambda, MongoDB Role: A cloud-based software product for the streaming video ad industry. It is the new speed in streaming video ad delivery, insuring that ads start fast without buffering. Project: Looking for developers to help with 3 milestones: Sign Up Page, Encoding Video Compression, Payment System / Admin Panel

Why Join CoDev

There are plenty of reasons to join the CoDev team. Here are the top 4:

Competitive Salary & Benefits

We value our people, we make sure that they are well taken care of and of course, well compensated. We offer very competitive salary packages along with a slew of benefits, including annual increases and bonuses.

Fun Culture & Working Environment

There’s no need to be uptight, not with our variety of sponsored company activities! We’ve got fun games, contests, parties, and more, plus a relaxed working environment-- no formal office attire necessary.

Career Growth & Skill Development

We want our people to be the best that they can be. That’s why we offer plenty of free online training and seminars, monthly developer meetups, opportunities for promotions, and recognitions for outstanding employees.

Work with U.S. Counterparts

With CoDev you get to work with like-minded professionals from the U.S., learn from them, and potentially access technologies and resources currently being used by U.S.-based dev teams.

We make it Easy

Our application and hiring process is as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 01

Initial screening

Our talent acquisition specialists will first take a look at your qualifications, and then get in touch with you for an initial interview and other necessary assessments.

Step 02

Client Interview

Once you’ve passed the initial screening, you’ll then have a client interview where you will talk directly with the client and answer any questions they may have related to the position you’re applying for.

Step 03

Job Offer

After a thorough evaluation and a go signal from the client, you’re in! Welcome to CoDev! Our sourcing team will fill you in on all the details you need for your first day on the job.

You'll love working here

The CoDev team is made up of family-oriented, fun-loving, and unique individuals. We share a lot of the same values, and that includes recognizing the importance of a good work-life balance. As much as possible, we want every member in our team to achieve that balance and enjoy their time working here. That’s why we invest in plenty of activities that promote wellbeing, camaraderie, communication, and team spirit.

employee testimonials


In times of uncertainty where your bread and butter is at stake, with CoDev I never felt alone as I course through my life everyday. The support and value they're giving to secure our tomorrows is beyond compare. Together with my client, I am blessed to be part of CoDev's diverse and growing community and I'm always grateful for the growth and opportunities given to one another. #CodevCares

John Philip
.Net Developer

Working at CoDev has been a breath of fresh air type of experience - a great deviation from the usual work experience that I was heavily accustomed to. There is an all around positivity and a cohesive organizational culture. People trust you to get the show on board and get things done so I get a great degree of control and freedom within my job — but at the same time, you are empowered to not be too hard on yourself, to take care of your health and have the time to nurture other areas that life has to offer as well. It is also certainly not the least how people care about your professional growth.

Jan Bric
Software Development - Team Lead


Chill place to work that caters to your wants and need. They match you to a client where you can be deeply valued and appreciated. You can work comfortably or work on a challenge to improve yourself. Either way, whatever your concerns you can always ask the Admin.

Web Developer

The number one reason why I love working for CoDev because of its culture. I love the people who I surrounds with and especially to the client that I am working with. Admins were good too (HR, Finance, IT and etc.). I think I'll stay with CoDev no matter what and thank you for being with me for almost 10 years 🙂 Looking forward for more years! cheeers!! 🙂

Lead Developer


I feel appreciated, treated as an important member of the team. They allow me to take initiative, listen to feedback and welcome ideas. It is a pleasure to work for a company that takes care of their employees.

SEO/Social Media Specialist

Compared to any of the awesome Backend and Full stack developers, I wasn't really sure where or how would I fit in at first. Being with Codev though is not just "working" for me, it is a family outside my own! Codev sees my potential and values and kept me even during the time where I was hopping from one client to another. Nonetheless, working with Codev is a pleasure and educational for me ever since.

Sr. Front End Developer

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