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What Makes CoDev the Best Choice for Remote Workers

The “new normal” brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic has changed so much of how we do things. How we shop, how we dine, how we socialize, and of course, how we work. Where once most of the workforce would flock to congested business centers, these days only a brave few will take a step out of their own homes. 

For most of us, home is now where the office is, and loungewear is the new business casual. 

At CoDev, we’ve embraced remote work as much as possible. With only some exceptions, all of our positions offer remote work flexibility.

Naturally, this shift has brought with it new benefits as well as challenges. Some have fared better than others, and we’re proud to say (Ahem) that the people at CoDev are among those.

We Got What You Need

Now we’re not trying to toot our own horn. The fact is, a lot of remote workers out there have struggled with the changes brought about by the pandemic. But CoDev always has its people’s back. We made sure that our people got everything they need to make that shift as seamless as possible:

  1. We got the hardware. When the pandemic started, many scrambled to get the devices and other hardware they needed to work from home. This caused shortages and price hikes just about everywhere. But our people had nothing to worry about. We provided the at-home hardware they needed, from high caliber, gaming level laptops to their actual office CPUs, and had these delivered straight to their doors.
  1. We got the perfect working spaces. We understood that not everyone’s home was ready and suitable for working. So we provided prepaid home wifi devices to those who didn’t have internet access at home, as well as a monthly utility stipend. This helps cover the costs of working from home, and also helps employees create a more suitable working space. When it was safer, we offered employees the option to work from one of our offices (we have five different offices throughout the Philippines), which are fully equipped and follow strict safety protocols. This was a huge help especially to those whose homes were later affected by typhoon Odette
  1. We got the perks. CoDev gives remote workers benefits that most freelancers and even other companies don’t have: medical and life insurance (that covers 2 dependents!), signing and retention bonuses, annual salary increases, and oh so much more. All this apart from aggressively (yes aggressively) competitive pay, opportunities for advancement and skills development, and the chance to work with cutting-edge tech startups and companies based in the US and other countries. And did we mention the break room with billiards, X-box, and unlimited coffee?
CoDev has a fun culture and work environment
  1. We got a team that’ll fully support you. They say one is the loneliest number, and that couldn’t be truer for remote workers going solo. When things go south, you can’t really rely on anyone but yourself. At CoDev however, you’ve got a whole squad that’ll back you up. Got a personal emergency and can’t reach your client? We got you. Sudden internet or power problems got you looking for an office space at 2am? Our offices are open 24/7 for you. Having IT problems? You know we got your back. You’ll even get team members who can help you solve sticky work problems. Best believe that we are here for you!
  1. We love remote workers. We fully support those working from home, and we love how it gives our employees an even better work-life balance. That’s why moving forward, we’ll allow our people the option to work remotely (save for only a few exceptions).
Work with US-based teams at CoDev

We know these are just 5 things, but they’re 5 big things that make a whole lot of difference for remote workers. If these aren’t enough, you can go ahead and ask the people in our team what they think, and we’re sure they’ll give you the same answers and more.

So if you’re a remote worker and looking for the best place for you, why not check out CoDev? We’d love to have you on our team, just as much as we know you’ll love it here.

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