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The 7 Different Ways You Can Learn and Grow with CoDev!

Are you happy with your career journey? Do you feel satisfied with the rate of your career growth, or are you having issues with career development?

For many IT professionals, career growth and development can be difficult to attain. In some cases, companies just can’t provide enough opportunities for employee growth and development, and in others employees are just too swamped with everyday tasks to take any concrete steps for professional advancement.

At CoDev, we understand how important it is for all of our team members to grow not only professionally, but holistically. We value each of our team members, and as such, look after their holistic growth and career satisfaction. With the help of our Employee Development and Engagement Specialist, Nigele Almocera we’re able to address this through a number of different growth and development opportunities:

  • Monthly Learning Sessions – We have at least one learning session every month open to all interested team members that covers a variety of relevant and interesting topics. These include everything from stress management and better work practices, to lessons on relationships and money management.
  • Developer Meetups – For our software developers and other team members who want to learn more about specific technical topics, we have monthly developer meetups that cover a range of topics and allow for knowledge sharing and interaction among different devs. Previous topics include introduction to AI, clean code fundamentals, and test-driven development in React.
  • Online Courses – As much as we’d like to offer all of our employees every learning opportunity they’re looking for, we know it just isn’t possible. Instead, we give them the opportunity to learn through online training sites such as Udemy and Pluralsight. They can choose from hundreds of different courses, and receive training reimbursement for the online course or program they choose.
  • Career Advancement Opportunities – We offer professional advancement opportunities to deserving team members, even as early as right after their first year with us. Our regular team members are also given annual salary increases, as well as retention bonuses depending on their project and performance.
  • Performance Recognition – Every month, we recognize our outstanding team members. We award our employee of the month, and recognize our kudos employees who have delivered exceptional performance.
  • Event Participation – Events organized by local software development groups and the like are great opportunities for team members to interact with and learn from other devs and subject matter experts. We sponsor a number of these events and are able to provide free passes to some of our team members.
  • Coaching and Mentoring – Each of our team members has an onsite supervisor and oftentimes, a US-based team as well. We encourage both to coach and mentor our team members, giving them a solid support system despite working remotely, and helping to foster a culture of learning and collaboration.

Growth is a vital part of every career journey, and here at CoDev we make sure you get every opportunity to achieve it. Grow your career in a Great Place to Work, work at CoDev. Take a look at our open positions now!

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