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Home » Prioritizing Personal Health at Work: CoDev’s Focus on Employee Health

Prioritizing Personal Health at Work: CoDev’s Focus on Employee Health

Prioritizing Personal Health at Work: CoDev’s Focus on Employee Health

Staying healthy isn’t often a priority at work. With all of the tasks you have to do, wide availability of unhealthy food, and the endless hours you’re hunched over your computer, staying fit and healthy can be the last thing on your mind.

But in order to work well and enjoy the fruits of your labor, staying healthy is essential. Here at CoDev, we know just how important it is, and take steps to make sure our employees are always in great health.

How Work Impacts Your Health

Poor health can be caused by a lot of factors, but many of them can come from work. Sitting for long hours in front of a computer causes numerous health issues, such as heart disease, diabetes, posture problems, muscle degeneration, and many other organ problems. 

Physical health issues are only one part of the problem– work can also cause mental health issues. Stress caused by overwork, a negative work environment, poor pay, and bad management can have devastating effects on a person’s physical as well as mental health. A poll done by CNN Philippines showed the majority of respondents (23%) experienced stress from their work– stress that leads to anxiety, emotional outbursts, headaches, and other physical problems. 

How CoDev Prioritizes Workplace Health

Here at CoDev, we do our best to keep our people in good health. Our business is our people, and that’s why we take extra special care of them. We make sure their health needs are met through the following:

  • Comprehensive health care coverage – All of our regular employees enjoy premium health care coverage that includes hospitalizations, preventive and outpatient procedures, dental care, diagnostic procedures, maternity program, and psychiatric counseling. They also have the option to add 2 beneficiaries to their health insurance.
  • Keeping a positive work culture and environment – As we’ve mentioned earlier, keeping our employees healthy means taking care of their mental health as well. This starts with a healthy work culture and environment. We do this by:
    • Enforcing company policies that prevent bullying, harassment, conflicts, and other misconduct at work, as these can cause undue stress. 
    • Encouraging collaboration among our employees, and fostering camaraderie through various recreational activities such as contests, online gaming tournaments, and more.
    • Keeping an open-door policy so every voice in the company is heard, and having regular employee satisfaction surveys to get and address all of our employees’ feedback and concerns. 
    • Giving our employees ample leave credits that they can use however they like (with their clients’ permission of course), and a break room complete with unlimited coffee, cable TV, and various games so employees can unwind.
    • Giving our employees options to work from home and change their shift schedule when needed, so they can achieve better work life balance.
Prioritizing Personal Health at Work: CoDev’s Focus on Employee Health
  • Sports and active indoor games – We’ve held annual basketball and badminton tournaments for interested employees for some years now. We also have a break room that comes with billiards, table tennis and an X-Box, so employees can get active during break times. 
Prioritizing Personal Health at Work: CoDev’s Focus on Employee Health
  • Mental health sessions and info drives – At the height of the pandemic, we held an online mental health learning session with a qualified psychologist to teach our team members about the basics of mental health, where to get help, and get some of their questions answered. Keeping our mental health in check has been vitally important during these times. We also spread awareness about various other health concerns by sending regular health information via email to all our team members.
Learning Session- Stress, Anxiety and Depression

More to Come

We’re keeping employee health and wellness as a top priority here at CoDev, and as such have more in store for our employees. This includes Zumba classes, more health-centered learning sessions, and possibly table tennis and billiard tournaments as well. 
Be a part of a company that truly cares for you and your overall health and well-being. Come and work at CoDev, where you can be among happy and healthy employees working high paying jobs with work life balance. Take a look at our open positions today!

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