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Freelancing VS Working at CoDev: Why It’s a No-Brainer

Freelancing VS Working at CoDev: Why It’s a No-Brainer

Freelance or corporate? This is a question that a lot of IT professionals ask themselves, and the answer is rarely ever clear cut. Both freelancing and going corporate (working for a company’s internal team) have their pros and cons. But we’ve got another option for you that’s better than both: CoDev.

Now we know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t CoDev a company just like every other company?” And that is where the difference lies. CoDev is unlike most outsourcing companies. We offer advantages that make it feel just as free as freelancing, but with all the perks of working corporate.

Why CoDev Over Freelancing?

Freelancing is the way to go for a lot of IT professionals, for several reasons. But for each of these reasons, CoDev has a similar or better offering:

  • Be your own boss – Those who opt to freelance often do so because they prefer having total control. They like to choose when, where, and how to work, as well as what to work on. While this level of freedom sounds tempting, it does have its downsides. Being selective about work can limit your abilities and cause you to lag in some areas. If things go south, you don’t have teammates that you can turn to for help, or a management team that can offer support. You also need to do your own marketing, contract negotiations, tax calculations (you still gotta pay your taxes!), client relations, etc.

At CoDev, we give our employees the perfect balance of freedom and structure:

  • We handle all of the nitty gritties for you (client search and negotiations, taxes, benefits, workspace, etc.)
  • You’re surrounded by supportive teammates.
  • You’ll get the entire year’s holiday schedule ahead of time, plus ample paid leave credits so you can plan your vacations.
  • You get options to work just the way you like. For most positions, you can choose where you want to work: at home, or in one of our 5 fully-equipped (and fun!) offices throughout the Philippines. Save for a number of positions, our employees can also choose what shift they’d like to work so long as it coincides with their client’s schedule and is approved by the client.

We trust our employees and we know that you need the space and freedom to do what you do best. So while we do have supervisors for all our employees, they’re there to offer support and make sure that you have everything you need to work well, NOT to hover or micromanage.

  • Work with US-based companies – A lot of freelancer websites claim to be the best place to hire web developers for companies abroad. Consequently, they also claim to offer the best places to work for software developers, because they give access to foreign, particularly US-based clients. Once you do get connected to a US-based client however, these websites aren’t going to offer any more support. Meaning, if you don’t get paid or your client suddenly disappears, you’re on your own.

At CoDev, we connect you with US-based clients working on engaging projects, using cutting-edge technologies. We make sure you get paid competitively, regularly, and with benefits too. And on the off chance that the project is terminated early, there’s no need to worry. We’ll make sure you get fully-paid and we’ll find another client for you as well.

  • Better work-life balance – They say that freelancing gives you a better work-life balance because you can spend more time with your family and/or other interests. Thing is, freelancing can be very unstable. You could be working on multiple projects this month, and have difficulty landing a single project in the next. Also, if you get sick or decide to take a vacation, you won’t get paid at all. You will be spending more of your hard-earned cash instead. To achieve real balance, you need a consistent and stable source of income, especially in times when you need it most.

At CoDev, part of our goal is to ensure our people achieve a good work-life balance. They get paid leaves that they can use however they like, and they can work from home or anywhere they like, and thereby spend more time with their families and less time commuting. We also make sure to organize fun get-togethers, meals out, and more to help our people unwind. Each of our regular employees is given health care coverage, with options for 2 beneficiaries, so even if (God forbid!) you get sick, you need not worry about the costs.

CoDev gives you corporate benefits, stability and security, while also giving you the freedom and flexibility often associated with freelancing. That’s what makes CoDev different, and that’s what makes it the superior choice.

So if you ever find yourself asking, “freelance or corporate?”, you already know the answer. Go to today!

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