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CoDev Celebrates Its 12th Year Anniversary with a Bang!

CoDev Celebrates 12th Year Anniversary

Happy 12th Year Anniversary CoDev! We are immensely proud and amazed at how far we’ve come as a company, so we made sure to celebrate our anniversary this year with a bang! 

It’s been a while since all of us got together due to the pandemic, and now that this is possible we jumped at the chance to get everyone together to celebrate our 12th year anniversary. Our celebrations started off in Manila with our Makati and Ortigas teams meeting up at Bosay Resort on June 3, 2022. Then it was off to Davao with our Davao team members at Eden Nature Park and Resort on June 4. The party kept on going with our Bacolod team at Ilaya Highland Resort on June 9, and lastly with our biggest team in Cebu at Solea Mactan Resort on June 11.

CoDev CEO Landon Essig flew in from Utah, USA to attend all of the said celebrations, and even welcomed attendees personally at each event. Teams had a blast seeing each other again after years of working remotely, and just about everyone came home with a little something from CoDev. Anniversary caps and shirts were given away, as well as plenty of minor and major prizes, including fully-paid, one night stays at some of the best local resorts. 

Awards and recognitions were also handed out during the celebrations. Those who celebrated their work anniversary at CoDev were recognized, and an employee recognition certificate was also given to each of the outstanding employees and employees of the month.

Here are some photo highlights from our 12th year anniversary celebrations:

After the celebrations, we received plenty of awesome feedback from attendees. Here are some of them:

“What I enjoyed most about the event] aside from the food, was being able to meet colleagues in person for the first time, and also meeting our very own CEO.”

“I enjoyed the venue and how much freedom we were given to enjoy the facilities… The company was very generous.”

“The food, the photo booth, and swimming in the pool were my favorite parts of the event.”

“I enjoyed] the people, the venue, and the food– pretty much everything!”

“The program was well organized, it was enjoyable and never dull.”

We look forward to the next time all of our teams can get together again, and for even more years of growing and working together. Want to be part of our team? Check our open positions now at

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