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About Us

our mission

CoDev solves staffing problems by providing highly skilled professionals to growing technical companies.

The best IT talents to solve staffing needs

our history

In 2010, Brigham Tomco and David Kasteller created CoDev to target and eliminate common problems associated with outsourcing, which they had experienced first-hand through another business venture in digital marketing. They observed that small companies needed to augment their current workforce and keep their costs low, all while still maintaining direct control of the work being done. Large companies have the resources to open international offices as needed, but for most small businesses the time, money, and focus required make that approach impractical.

The CoDev business model was designed to give small businesses access to the benefits of an international workforce without the distraction and high costs of opening their own remote office. CoDev would do the recruiting overseas, but let the client act as the hiring manager and select the best person for the job. CoDev would provide the office space, IT support, timekeeping, and payroll services, as well as be the legal employer, handling any labor issues. The business owner would have all the benefits without the high startup costs and headaches. Headquartered in Utah and with their offshore operations in the Philippines, the CoDev team started offering their model to the business community and it grew to over 500 employees in 2011.

While CoDev had become a premier partner in providing human capital for their clients, the team soon found that they needed to become more targeted to better serve their clients. Since software development talent was in high demand, and CoDev already had a number of developers working for clients, the company shifted to recruiting for skills such as Java, PHP, .NET, and Javascript. Today, CoDev is still focused on recruiting technical talent for small businesses, but has continued to expand and adapt as technology changes, recruiting the most talented developers with the skills needed by each client. They have employees well versed in Ruby on Rails, Scala, and the MEAN stack, as well as various frameworks and modern development tools.

CoDev’s Mission is simple: To solve staffing problems by providing highly skilled professionals to growing technical companies. CoDev is well on its way to fulfilling that mission, and we look forward to helping your business grow.

our values


We keep our commitments to our clients and to each other. We don’t lie, cheat, or steal. We don’t do business with people who do. We hold ourselves accountable to ethical standards outside of legal or cultural obligations


We decisively define what the next step is and take immediate action. If the next step is to ask a questions or get more information, we do so with urgency. We are constantly laser-beam focused on being part of the solution.

Hard Work

We take pride in the quality of our deliverables every day. We complete a staggering amount of important work for our clients. We hit deadlines and meet our client’s expectations, even when it is arduous.

The Office Culture

At CoDev, we have a diverse office culture that emphasizes an active lifestyle. We participate in many different activities, such as sports. Sports like frisbee and basketball are played most Fridays, while we also support many avid runners, cyclists and mountain trekkers / hikers. We believe an active lifestyle contributes to the health and happiness of our employees and CoDev is all about helping our team succeed, not just professionally, but in life.


Company outings also play a big role in our office culture. Going to the beach or a mountain retreat are some ways we have built teamwork, coordination, and communication among our teams. Other company activities have included team building games, bowling and movies. We also have annual parties for the company anniversary and for Christmas.


Working at CoDev is both fun and rewarding!

You'll love working here​

Our Employees

CoDev takes pride in providing dedicated employees to fit our clients’ exact needs. We hire only the most talented and hardworking individuals who show a willingness to go the extra mile to help our clients win. Most of our employees work directly with their client in the US on a daily basis, and they work within the client’s processes, procedures, and culture to meet strategic goals. Opportunities at CoDev often include the ability to be a part of strategic discussions, and to really participate in business decisions. Working with foreign clients allow you to build relationships and sample cultures from around the world that will enrich your life and allow you to see the world differently. Consequently, we believe that our employees are some of the most well-rounded, professional individuals in Cebu, and we are proud to have them on our team!

our offices


7F, The Link Building
Cebu IT Park, Apas
Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines


4F, Negros First Cybercenter Complex Annex, Hernaez St, Bacolod City
Negros Occidental, Philippines


Beverly Hills Office
9F, V Corporate Center
Salcedo Village
L.P. Leviste Street
Makati City, Philippines


Hatchhub, Unit 3203
Antel Global Corporate Center, 3 Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center,
Pasig City, Philippines


Diaskepsi Co-Working Hub Door 8, Valencia Arcade Bonifacio Street Davao City, Philippines

Utah, USA

210 N 1200 E #200, Lehi, UT 84043, USA