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ReactJS Developer

Job Description

Primary Framework: ReactJS, HTML5, JavaScript, VueJS, Java

Project Description:
An intuitive platform and developer-friendly approach to distributed computing. A friction free route to a cloud-native infrastructure, it provides a toolkit to build highly scalable cloud applications – letting you write once and deploy anywhere.

Since our inception we’ve already achieved some amazing things – from breaking world records, to contributing solutions to global problems.

Role Description: This role is to assist in the envisioning, and perfor the creation of both real and mockup applications in support of the Innovation Department’s demonstrator projects, including both appealing frontends and the application beneath. These projects aim to convey both potential and actual product prototype functionality to individual clients or the market, in order to test technical prototypes, determine viability of concepts, and ultimately, validate business models in new or adjacent verticals.


You will work closely with our Research Engineers, business and product Innovation experts. You’ll be key in successfully executing innovation projects for customer discovery – creating appealing interfaces for demos aligned to Innovation worksteams, and for testing future hypotheses (mockups, toy interfaces, and other collateral). It is important to be driven by how your work communicates the power of the underlying product to the customer, and to be willing to create things which will most likely be thrown away after serving their purpose of proving or disproving a hypothesis, and to be comfortable moving on rapidly to new projects across a range of verticals.

Additional Skill Requirements:

  • D3.js, or similar data visualisation library
  • Experience of working with front end frameworks, e.g.
  • Bootstrap and Foundation
  • Creating simple backend APIs with Node.js or similar
  • Strong plus: Understanding of additional languages, such as C++ or Rust
Perks and benefits:
A great talent deserves even greater compensation. CoDev provides several benefits that you can enjoy as soon as you join our growing team. We take pride in delighting you with what you deserve.
  • One Time Signing bonus amounting to Php 20,000 given on your first payout
  • Anticipate a regularization increase on your 6th month.

  • Client Retention Incentives amounting to Php 30,000.

  • Annual salary increase based on your performance.

  • Tax-Free allowances incorporated in your pay.

  • Monthly Utility Stipend on us!

  • Employee health is our top priority, so everyone gets a Medical and Life Insurance package on your 3rd month with us plus 2 dependents.

  • We offer salary loans with 0% interest, payable in 2 months.

  • Provide an opportunity for self-improvements like access to online training sites such as Udemy, Pluralsight, and other resources. Plus, training reimbursement to the online course or program you choose!

  • Leave credits you can enjoy for vacation and travels with family because we believe that work-life balance matters!

  • Company events and parties such as our huge Anniversary and Christmas Parties, and of course seasonal events such as Valentines, Halloween and so many more.

  • Team outing and lunches every now and then to promote camaraderie in the team.

  • Sports tournaments such as basketball, badminton, foosball, etc. are held yearly so you can showcase your sporty side!

  • Access to social media sites like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and etc. on a given time.

  • Express yourself by showcasing your sense of style at the office. Also, wear your most comfortable and lazy ootd every last shift of the week.

Job Information


Computer Software

Office Locations

Cebu, Manila, Bacolod, Davao


Work Setup
Work from home until further notice