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Working with US-Based Companies: What CoDev Team Members Need to Know

Congratulations! You’ve just landed a spot on our team. You’ve got all the skills your new client is looking for, and they’re looking forward to working with you very soon. We’re sure you’ll do an amazing job, but do you know that clients actually look for more than just a “job well done”? 

Of course every client wants their team members to do their jobs well, but more than that, they also want to know more about you. They’re not working with robots here, they’re working with you! And we all know you’re so much more than just your software development prowess.

What CoDev Clients Want You to Know

Here at CoDev we give our team members not only home-based jobs in the Philippines, but also the opportunity to work with a US company, utilizing cutting-edge technology. Most team members love working with US-based companies, but are often intimidated by their foreign clients and counterparts.

We’ve spoken to our US-based clients enough to know that having a “strictly professional” relationship with their CoDev team members is not what they want. Here are a few things they want you to know:

  • You can be yourself, and you should be! Sure, we hired you for what’s on your resume, but that’s not the only reason we– and that includes your client– like you. We like working with you, and we want you not only to do a good job, but also to be the best version of yourself. That means being able to express yourself, and taking time (outside of work hours of course) for things you’re interested in. Here at CoDev, we give our team members ample opportunities to take some personal days off, plenty of recreational and bonding activities, and we encourage open communication. 
  • They want to know more about you. Clients want to know more about you, especially since our culture and experiences can be so different from theirs. Don’t be afraid to share your interests, stories, and experiences, and also get to know your clients on a more personal level, when appropriate. Doing so will help you develop a better, longer lasting working relationship.
  • Speak up! One of the most common feedback we get from our clients is how they wish their team members would speak up more. If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask. If you think that a certain approach may be better than what the client is suggesting, don’t hesitate to make that suggestion. Clients are actually more open to questions and suggestions than most of us think, especially if these are for the betterment of the project. 

CoDev clients are people just like you and me, so don’t be afraid to speak up and make a connection with them. If however, you feel like there’s something important you need to raise but cannot freely open up to your client directly, you can always approach your onsite supervisor. They will make sure to address those concerns on your behalf.

We love our team members just as much as our clients do. That’s why we make sure they not only have the best benefits and compensation, but also a great working relationship with their clients. Not yet a part of our awesome team? Take the first step by taking a look at our open positions today! We’re offering home based jobs in Cebu, Bacolod, Makati and Ortigas, as well as home based jobs in Davao. You could also learn more by getting in touch with us here.

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