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Why You Should Start Working at CoDev…Right NOW

The end of the year usually means a hiatus from companies hiring, but not for us. With a plethora of remote software developer jobs still open, we’re definitely still welcoming anyone and everyone with the right skills and experience to come and join us, and get a Christmas bonus to boot. 

Now we know what you might be thinking– “what about my end-of-the-year bonus at my current company?” We understand that jumping ship this late in the year can be a huge risk for many– but not if you land somewhere better, like at CoDev. 

At CoDev, you can be assured that your hard work will be rewarded with highly competitive pay, exceptional benefits, and work options that guarantee optimal work-life balance. But what’s the rush? Why should you start working at CoDev now? We can think of a few reasons:

  1. Signing Bonus – We’re offering a one-time Php 20,000 signing bonus for a lot of our open positions right now, and that’s not all–
  2. Prorated Christmas Bonus – That’s right, even if you start just now with the Christmas holidays fast approaching, you’ll still get a prorated Christmas bonus. This is sure to make your holidays even jollier. 
  3. Inflation bonuses – Plenty of companies (maybe even including your current one) are affected by inflation right now, and are cutting costs that could affect your pay and benefits. Here at CoDev, we understand how hard economic crises can hit our team members, and help them to get by by providing inflation bonuses. Last month we distributed our second round of inflation bonuses, giving each of our team members Php5,000.
  4. Work from Home Perks – We have a number of home based software developer jobs available, complete with the necessary work devices and a monthly utility stipend. 
  5. Better in the Long-Term – While moving to CoDev may seem like a risky move now, in the long run it really isn’t. In fact, it may be the best decision you ever make for your career. We offer highly competitive pay with annual performance-based increases, numerous career growth and development opportunities, the best support system, a great work culture and environment, and so much more

There’s no better time than now to come and work at CoDev! Visit now to view our open positions, or inquire and learn more by getting in touch.

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